Airport Parking in Prague - Cheap Parking at Václav Havel Airport

Choose a safe and affordable airport parking in Prague. We offer parking in the immediate vicinity of the airport with excellent service. Book your parking space at Prague Václav Havel Airport today! 

Why Choose Us For Airport in Prague Parking?

24-hour Security and CCTV

Your vehicle will be safe thanks to 24-hour security and modern security cameras. In addition, we provide 24/7 customer assistance.

Free Transfer To & From the Airport

We'll take you to the airport with ease and back to your car in the car park when you return, so you don't have to worry about transportation.

Wi-Fi & Toilets In the Car Park

We have free Wi-Fi and a toilet right in the car park, so you can stay online and use the toilets whenever you need to while you wait.

Keep your car safe and enjoy a comfortable journey. Click on the button below and book your parking with us!

Parking at the Airport In Prague - Our Customer Reviews

Thank you very much for a great service and especially communication was very fast and professional. I would suggest everyone choose this company.
Dietmar Hahn
Sice nemáme zkušenosti s jinou podobnou službou, ale všechno bylo od začátku perfektní. Místo parkingu bylo dobře značené, rychle jsme zaparkovali a tranférem jsme dojeli až terminálu. Po příletu stačilo zavolat na číslo, které nám dali a po asi 15 minutách nás vyzvedl stejný řidič co nás odvezl. Naše auto bylo na místě 🙂
Odolena Voda
S 1.p parking mám skvělou zkušenost. Personál ochotný a milý. Jeli jsme přibližně 15 minut a doknce nebyl problém s sedačkou pro dítě.
Parkování perfektní, tak příště zas.
Komunikace perfektní, při spoždění se dalo domluvit.
Doporucuju. Vsechno probehlo v pohode.
Reserve your parking space in our secure parking lot now and become one of our satisfied customers as well!

Prague Airport Parking Price

And what is the price of parking at Prague Airport? We offer transparent and affordable parking options at Václav Havel Airport in Prague. Prices vary depending on the length of parking and the time of year. Our pricing offers flexibility and different options to suit your needs.
Letní ceník
1.6. - 30.9.
Zimní ceník
1.10. - 31.5.
  • 1-2 Dní 600 Кč Cena od 300 Кč/Den
  • 3-4 Dní 700 Кč Cena od 175 Кč/Den
  • 5-6 Dní 900 Кč Cena od 150 Кč/Den
  • 7 Dní 1000 Кč Cena 143 Кč/Den
  • 8 Dní 1100 Кč Cena 138 Кč/Den
  • 9 Dní 1200 Кč Cena 134 Кč/Den
  • 10 Dní 1300 Кč Cena 130 Кč/Den
  • 11 Dní 1400 Кč Cena 128 Кč/Den
  • 12-14 Dní 1500 Кč Cena od 108 Кč/Den
  • 15-17 Dní 1600 Кč Cena od 95 Кč/Den
  • 18-19 Dní 1700 Кč Cena od 90 Кč/Den
  • 20-21 Dní 1800 Кč Cena od 86 Кč/Den
  • 22-23 Dní 1900 Кč Cena od 83 Кč/Den
  • 24-25 Dní 2000 Кč Cena od 80 Кč/Den
  • 26-27 Dní 2100 Кč Cena od 78 Кč/Den
  • 28-29 Dní 2200 Кč Cena od 76 Кč/Den
  • 30-31 Dní 2300 Кč Cena od 75 Кč/Den
  • 31+ DOMLUVOU
  • 1-2 Dní 500 Кč Cena od 250 Кč/Den
  • 3-4 Dní 600 Кč Cena od 150 Кč/Den
  • 5-6 Dní 700 Кč Cena od 117 Кč/Den
  • 7 Dní 750 Кč Cena 108 Кč/Den
  • 8-9 Dní 800 Кč Cena od 89 Кč/Den
  • 10-11 Dní 1100 Кč Cena od 100 Кč/Den
  • 12 Dní 1150 Кč Cena 96 Кč/Den
  • 13-14 Dní 1200 Кč Cena od 86 Кč/Den
  • 15-17 Dní 1300 Кč Cena od 77 Кč/Den
  • 18-21 Dní 1400 Кč Cena od 67 Кč/Den
  • 22-27 Dní 1500 Кč Cena od 56 Кč/Den
  • 28-29 Dní 1600 Кč Cena od 56 Кč/Den
  • 30-31 Dní 1700 Кč Cena od 55 Кč/Den
  • 31+ DOMLUVOU
Now you can easily choose the price for parking according to the length of your journey and the period in which you park. Book your parking space with us and enjoy a peaceful and safe journey!

Parking at Prague Airport - How To Guide

The process of parking at Prague Václav Havel Airport with us is simple and convenient. Here’s a step-by-step guide to how it works:

Booking a date: You can book parking for the date of your choice in several different ways:

  • Online: You can book online through our website.
  • Email us. If you prefer, you can also write us a reservation email.

Receive a confirmation: Once your booking is complete, you will receive a confirmation with important parking information.

Arrival at the car park: You will arrive at our car park and present the confirmation you have received. Our staff will greet you and make sure you have a comfortable parking experience.

Transfer to the airport: Our free airport transfers are available 24/7. Our vehicle will take you to the airport anytime and you don't have to worry about finding a parking space at the airport.

Airport transfer upon arrival. Just give us a call after picking up your luggage, and we'll quickly transport you back to your parking space.

Save yourself the hassle of looking for parking at Václav Havel Airport in Prague
Click the button and book your parking with us quickly and easily!

How Does Our Airport Parking Look Like

Take a look at our facilities and parking lot.

FAQ - Parking at Prague Airport

If you have further questions about parking at Prague Václav Havel Airport, here are some answers to some frequently asked questions:

Yes, our car park is ready for larger vehicles. We have plenty of space for a variety of car types, including vans, motorhomes and buses.

Our free airport transfer takes approximately 9 minutes. The vehicle will conveniently take you directly to Václav Havel Airport, saving you the stress of parking directly at Prague Airport.

We have 500 secure parking spaces available at Václav Havel Airport to ensure that our customers always have parking.

Yes, our car park also offers covered parking, which means that your car will be protected from adverse weather conditions.
You can book parking at any time, but we recommend early booking, especially during busy periods. The earlier you book, the better your chances of securing a parking space.

Yes, you can cancel your reservation. Just contact us by email and we will be happy to help you modify your reservation. We do not charge any cancellation fees.

Yes, we have child car seats available for your little travelers to borrow free of charge.

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